Let's get the needle moving in your marketing! 

The online marketing overwhelm is real - no longer can you just hand out a few business cards or thumbtack your way to leads and sales on a community bulletin board!

Those days are gone like yesterday.

Thing is, you keep kicking the can further down the road, hoping something will change. But it doesn't and it won't, until YOU make a change.

So it's time to figure it out. And you don't have to do it alone! (We offer done-for-you as well as done-with-you packages.)

I understand where you are because I've been where you are!

I'm committed to help guide you - one step at a time....

A question I had to consider when making a shift in my career that provided clarity in that moment of decision for me: "If I keep doing what I'm doing right now, where will I be one year from now." I knew the answer but more importantly I had to admit that I knew the answer.

And we all know what doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result means!

I couldn't imagine being in exactly the same place that I was for one more whole year!

So I made a shift - a decision to do different to get different!

If you already know you want to make a shift in your marketing, schedule a call:

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Copywriting & Facebook Ad Management

 After thoroughly researching your business and interviewing your best clients, I hunker down and get to writing that email sequence, website copy, launch copy, newsletter or facebook/instagram ad. 

I take great care to make sure your marketing messaging and voice is consistent throughout all of your copy and ads,  creating a seamless experience for your new followers and leads.

Since most of my time to create your copy and ads is in the research, you may as well get more bang for your buck! Since I'm already doing ALL the research for one deliverable, you can add on another piece or two at a discount!

Schedule a call or keep reading to see how we can work together!

Done-for-You Copywriting Services

  • Email sequences/5-8 emails (Packages begin at $497)
  • Website (Packages begin at $997)
  • FB/IG Ad Copy (Pricing begins at $150)


Done-with-You Copywriting Services

(packages begin at $147)

  • Copy audit - Complete audit of 1 piece of copy (email, landing page, thank you page, blog post or fb ad)
  • Complete website audit

Facebook/Instagram Ads 

  • 30-day list building package - complete ad copy, creative and management for 30 days. ($997 + ad spend)
  • Ad Retainer Package - Let us create and manage your FB/IG ads (3-month min - $1,500/mo.)
  • Hey Ads Manager! Package - Let me write the copy for your clients' FB/IG ads (48-hr. turnaround - $147)